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Q What is auto detailing?

 A Auto Detailing is the process of restoring and maintaining the surfaces of a vehicle to a superior standard. Many people associate Detailing with mainly exterior machine polishing and defect removal however, we define detailing as the process of achieving and maintaining a superior finish to a vehicle which may include the most minute “detail” on the interior to the most technically challenging processes to restore damaged paintwork on the exterior. This is achieved through employing a range of technical cleaning, correction and maintenance procedures and once complete, can exceed the standard of a brand new vehicle.

Q What is the difference between yourselves and a valeter?

A Our definition
Valeting is focused on deep interior exterior cleaning and does not employ some of the key processes such as machine polishing for defect removal and a superior shine that is found in a detail. In the pursuit of a flawless in depth finish, parts of the vehicle are sometimes taken apart in order to reach the areas that would not be able to be reached as part of a superficial clean i.e. removal of wheels to clean the arches and behind the wheels. The focus of a valet is to remove dirt and not to achieve a high end finish. In some cases a vehicle would need to undergo a valet before the detailing process can begin.

Q How often do I need to detail my car?
A As a general guide we would recommend a complete detail (interior & exterior) every 12-18months

Q After my detail how do I maintain my vehicle?
A In order to keep your vehicle looking as close to the way it looked when it was detailed, we recommended regular maintenance services.

Base service-once a week
Constructive care service- once every two weeks
Evolution service- 6month interval

This however is a guide and factors such as how often you use your vehicle, your mileage, if your vehicle is garaged etc. can affect the maintenance interval and intensity.

Q Do you provide a mobile service?
Yes we do

Q Do you need water and power?
A Our mobile unit is fully equipped with its own water and power supply?

Q Can you detail my car in the rain?
We tend to check the weather before a job is booked to ensure that it is dry on the day. We can not provide services in the rain. If you have an underground car park or indoor facility we can continue with your detail.

Q Do you have access to an indoor facility for jobs which may take longer than a day?

AYes we do have secure facilities for intricate jobs or jobs which may take a few days. This however must be pre booked well in advance to ensure the facility is available. We also offer a pickup and delivery service.

Q Can you come to my place of work?
A Yes we can come to your place of work, your home or any place of your convenience providing you have pre arranged with the land owner/manager or car park supervisor and that we have sufficient space to park our vehicle in close proximity to yours.

Q Do you accept cards?

A Yes we accept most major credit and debit cards

Q How long will my interior take to dry after a shampoo treatment?    

We would say most interiors will be fully dry 4hrs after the service is complete, however the vehicle can be used straight after we finish. Most of the drying process is complete by the time we finish the vehicle however we say to allow as much ventilation as possible within the 4hrs after the service is complete to avoid condensation build up.